Miketz / Channukah

Perhaps the paradox of miracles is this: we see them when we see the world as it is. Yet miracle-consciousness isn’t a romantic filter, and to see only the beautiful, fantastic and improbable in our world remains an illusion. Seeing the world as it is means seeing the darkness as well as the light; being enough outside of the world to critique it (to truly see it), and inside enough to feel the weight of responsibility to change it. Noticing miraculous events compels us to create more! If Channukah is more than a celebration of militance or fairy-tales, if the miracle-stories have contemporary relevance, then we should look through the spaces between the candles too, at the heavy darkness outside.




[Inspired by: Genesis 43; Giorgio Agamben ‘What is the contemporary?’; Likkutei Moharan II:7; Trade in Migrants ; Vermeer’s The Astronomer.]





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