Nitzavim Vayelech 5777

These words of Torah… are not across the ocean, that you could say ‘Who will take it for us?’ As he sets out to write down the Torah, Moses fears that future generations might miss the point. They might take it for a list of rules, a book to be “taken” in the hand (manus), a manual. He pleads that this be not so! God forbid that we live according to a rule-book! The most complex situations in life are those when the rules break down, when no manuals suffice, when we need divine inspiration. It is this Torah that Moses is asking the people to listen to. “It is close to you, in your mouth and heart, to observe!












[Inspired by: Deuteronomy 30; Haamek DavarThe Burnt Book by Marc Alain Ouaknin; and Hauptweg und Nebenwege by Paul Klee. And Jojo and Aviva.]










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