Shoftim 5777

Who dares to take responsibility for writing laws, applying feeble mental constructs on the complexity of the universe? Who dares not to? We talk of laws, of justice, but in moments of courage and despair, we see how pale our justice-system is in comparison to the Justice it attempts to reach. “When a case baffles [yafli] you,” is more-wonderful-than-you, when both arguments are right yet a decision must be made, when distance between our human construct and Truth is too painful – there is space there to pray. Prayer is reaching for More. Not shun our awful responsibility, not be too proud of our opinions; but, acknowledging the human limits of our justice, press ahead anyway. “Justice, justice, shall you pursue.













[Inspired by : Deuteronomy 17; Onkelos and Or Hachayim on 17:8; William Blake’s Judgement of Solomon . ]














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