Re’eh 5777

The paradox of Religion: how to perform the commandments without turning them into a performance? There is grave danger in these actions (prayer, charity, rituals); in these titles (rabbi, prophet, saint). Once seen by others, perhaps even piety is pride in disguise. One solution, post-religious: acknowledge the ego, and go ahead with doing the right things anyway, appreciating mistakes along the way. Another solution, pre-religious: always question, wonder, pray from the heart, invite inspiration, invent new rituals and morals. The Israelites on the cusp of desert and homeland, feel the paradox, and the flaws in both ‘solutions’: “Here you do what is right in your eyes, you have not yet entered the place of rest.” Perhaps they – we – never will.














[Inspired by : Deuteronomy 12; Haamek Davar on 12:8;








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