Matot-Masei 5777

We are not scientists reading these words of Torah; we are seekers, poets. The words are hypersymbolic, we shape them as they shape us. And so biblical descriptions of the purification of metallic utensils are anything but irrelevant! “Every item that can withstand fire – pass it through fire, and it shall be pure.” Fire that hardens and melts, fires that engender and destroy civilisations, flames that take on the twisting shapes of our unconscious. Fire is a symbol of everything. Those who know well the fires of jealousy, anger, revenge and pain will find it hard to quench them in water. Perhaps only another fire, a burning drive to recreate and rebuild, can come in its place, paradoxically bringing peace.









[Inspired by: Numbers 31; Likkutei Moharan I:156; and Hieronymus Bosch.]










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