Chukkat 5777

The itinerant Israelites called on the kingdom of Edom for security. “Let us wander through your land!” Nomadic desert life was a difficult balance between difficult material situations and the spiritual intimacy that can arise on long journeys. Still, security. The moral, legal and economic reasons for safe states to give refuge to those who seek it are well-known. The static state also gains something essential from incoming migrants: motion. This motion, this dynamism at the heart of all thought, of all prayer, of the creative process – is fickle, easily lost. (Religion often kills it in its attempt to guard it.) “Let us wander through your land!” Guests and hosts, movers and stayers, have much to gain from each other.












[Inspired by: Numbers 20; The Star of Redemption by Franz Rosenzweig; Foreign PolicyJune 2017; and the life and works of Felix Nussbaum.]










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