Shelach Lecha 5777

Twelve spies are told to explore (yaturu) the land, to quell their doubts, to know. But they do it wrong!  “Do not follow (taturu) your heart and eyes lustily…” There’s a wrong way of walking and exploring, it seems: looking too hard, thinking too much, lusting for certainty. Most of them explored like scientists, carrying back facts and conclusions; like tourists, with empty selfies and meaningless souvenirs. The essence, as always, is necessarily hidden. Joshua and Calev wander through the same land differently, touching on the hidden without entirely revealing, preserving their sense of wonder, not returning knowing everything; but remembering the poetry of the journey, dreamy recollections of oozing milk and honey, and a passion to continue to learn.









[Inspired by: Numbers 13 and 15; Haamek Davar; The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.]











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