Shavuot 5777

The people, presented with the Torah, respond: “All that God speaks we will do!” But perhaps they were less naïve, retorting: “Will we do all that God speaks?” Is this what the Torah demands? Will we become robots, blindly performing these commandments? No way. We want to choose, like lovers, we want to choose each day whether to serve God or not, whether to act rightly or not, whether to stay in this relationship or not. God forbid we should be commanded! God seems to agree. The subsequent dialogue at Sinai is in the singular: You, Moses, shall not steal. You, Moses, shall not lie. The people watch on, their choice preserved, continually deciding whether to join in or not.




[Exodus 19Likkutei Moharan kama 190 ; R. Menachem Froman, Hassidim Tzohakim 174; The Kiss by Edvard Munch.]





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