Emor 5777

One of the most enigmatic offerings in the Temple was the Todah, the thanks-offering meal. Why should thankfulness be ritualised? Sometimes we see the goodness that flows our way, sometimes we can point to another person as the source of that goodness, and might verbalise our recognition in a word: Thanks! Sometimes the source is everywhere. Once verbalised, acted-out, ritualised, shared – our eyes may open to recognising even more goodness hidden around us. The Todah offering is to be given freely, mixing matzah and chametz, and eaten with pleasure. It can’t be a public offering, but needs to be shared with others. The old paradox: when the Self lets go and shares of itself with the Other, both are strengthened.




[Inspired by: various translations of Leviticus 22; Shadal and Ha’amek Davar on Vayikra; Likutei Halachot OH Pesach 3:2; and the Eat Art of Daniel Spoerri.] 





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