Tazria-Metzora 5777

Alongside every creation comes the loss of infinite alternate possibilities not created. This might explain the post-birth rituals described in the Torah, some of which parallel those of death. Alongside the joy of this particular child, we acknowledge for a moment their transformation from fantasy to reality. There’s a similar tradition of “re-purification” for waking up in, as we mark the loss of dreams, alongside taking on the task of engaging with the world-as-it-is – and sometimes changing it. It couldn’t be otherwise: this isn’t mourning. Yet as we give birth to children, ideas, states, projects, homes; go about making them real; let us mark the passing of the wild hopes and dreams they once were, while keeping some dream-sparks alive.




[Inspired by: Leviticus 12; The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson; and Bauchredner und Rufer im Moor by Paul Klee.]





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