Shmini 5777

The focal point of spiritual life in the desert was the Mishkan, the tabernacle, and its consecration ceremony is described in detail. Serving God through rituals in the Mishkan is the beginning of religion, as opposed to sporadic but direct connection to God. In the consecration ceremony, there is a moment where all the rituals are complete – but nothing happens. Religion has failed. “Moses and Aaron entered the tent, and left it to bless the people – and the Presence of God was revealed.” What happened in the tent? A hidden moment. Maybe: the two brothers paused from the rituals and actions, spoke, reconnected – and in this relationship, in the space between the two of them, God had room to appear.




[Inspired by: Leviticus 9 and Rashi on 9:23; Zohar Shmini; and Terra by Javier and Jorge Marin.]





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