Song of Songs 5777

The Haggadah has a lot to say about liberation, and very little about liberty. The process, the journey has begun – and God forbid we should reach the destination too soon! So we court freedom, slowly, slyly, like lovers. “I shall rise and roam… I shall seek the one whom my soul loves.” We half-see her dancing on far-off hilltops, half-hear whispered poems, feel her presence in the blossoming trees, wrestle violently with those who block our path – and burst with desire for her, hoping that we are equally yearned for ourselves. Sometimes her voice is far-away, an echo of longing; sometimes, so close we hardly dare to breathe. Indeed, perhaps we only recognise freedom through her reflection in our searching.




[Inspired by: Song of Songs; the spring and countless attempts at depiction, including Hee Choung Yi‘s and Paul Gaugin‘s.]





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