Mishpatim 5777

Once the Torah is given, once God’s ways are mediated through text and tradition rather than through intuition – “religion” is created. Defined religion can be a wonderful framework for spiritual life; it also comes with inherent dangers of petrification and abuse. In the context of the laws of murder, we are warned “take the murderer away, even from My altar.” Religious spaces give refuge to those on the margin of society, this is part of their gift.  When criminals and opportunists abuse the openness of religion; when fear, hate and anger are expressed in “religious” language;  when heartless, power-hungry imposters disguise themselves as “religious” leaders – then we must return to our intuitive pre-Torah connection to God and expose such deceit!




[Inspired by: Exodus 21; Mei Hashiloach; On White II by Wassily Kandinsky.]





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