Bo 5777

In the first moments of their freedom, Israel are commanded to turn their chaotic escape from Egypt into a permanent ritual: “let this teaching of God be in your mouth – that you were freed from Egypt!” The entire body and being should tingle with this collective memory of enslavement and liberation, it must be expressed “in your mouth” – always, absolutely, in every conversation, in every action, in every choice. Responsibility, not anarchy, is the opposite of slavery. A unique responsibility that begins with asking questions and suggesting answers, with celebration, relationships, and setting out on journeys. Not only social responsibility to reject enslavement by any tyrant, but also personal responsibility for rejecting enslavement to fear, to despair, to rejection itself.




[Inspired by: Exodus 13; Mei Hashiloach; the Pesach Haggadah; and The Beginnings of a Smile by Paul Klee.]





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