Vayetze 5777

Time ticks differently for Jacob. A short dream of angels and ladders gives him strength and purpose for his entire life. He lives out his whole life in such dream-time. The sun rises, time passes, as it always does, but Jacob sets it within a meaningful personal narrative: “the sun rose for him.” Fourteen years of work pass by “like single days, because of his love for Rachel.” Time doesn’t have to happen to us, we can be active too. A standard reward in the Torah is to merit “long days”. Rather than growing old (this is forbidden!), long days mean full days, sacred days, days of purpose – days whose rhythm is measured not by a clock, but by love.




[Inspired by: Genesis 29 and 32; Chullin 91b; Likkute Moharan 60:3; Musical Variations on Jewish Thought by Olivier Revault d’Allonnes; Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; and Portrait of Félix Fénéon by Paul Signac.]





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