Chayei Sarah 5777

Abraham sends his servant to find a bride for his son Isaac, fulfilling his own personal story; the servant then tells a story that convinces Rebecca to agree to marry him. Stories are connected to reality, but filtered through the eyes of the teller and the eyes of the listener. In reality, things happen; in stories, they are seen. Rebecca first enters our story at the water-spring (eyn-hamayim), and later lifts her eyes (eynayim) to see Isaac — the man coming from another eyn and who also lifts his eyes to see her. Their gaze meets, love is mentioned explicitly for the first time in the Torah, and a new story is created between them. Let us see stories in everyone!




[Inspired by: Genesis 24The Story of Seven Beggars by Rebbe Nachman; Ein Hamayim by Dr. Tzipi Kaufman; Kohelet 11; and the first-century portraits from Fayum.]





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