Vayera 5777

Abraham’s test isn’t being commanded something difficult, and his success isn’t in doing it despite the difficulty. If anything, that’s Isaac’s test – he knows exactly what God wants and does it willingly – a simple believer, like a fundamentalist, a nationalist, a communist: any -ist who relies on their -ism to give them clear instructions. Abraham was told “through Isaac shall you continue” and then “take your son and raise him as a sacrifice”. Two contradicting statements: yet Abraham was able to believe both at once. His success wasn’t in rationalising or choosing one over the other, but in acting even though he wasn’t sure. If we’re sure – we’re wrong. If we do nothing – we’re wrong. This is our test, too.




[Inspired by: Genesis 21 and 22; R. Menachem Froman; Mei Hashiloach on Vayera; and Abraham Weeps for Sarah by Marc Chagall.]





3 comments on “Vayera 5777

  1. Yes, it is about paradox but it doesn’t seem to be about doubt or questioning here. (for that see the debate over Sodom)
    It seems to about the ability to be committed and to be open to paradox. It seems to be a surety open to voices.. to calls.. And as you say, not to be stuck in words of ideologies which are rally cries rather than vocal calls from beyond and within.


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