Vezot Habracha (Simchat Torah)

The written Torah, these words-and-spaces, comes now to an end. Not because everything’s been said, but because there are now other ways of saying. “Joshua was filled with a spirit of wisdom [chochmah], for Moses had laid his hands upon him.” Legends tell that Joshua immediately forgot hundreds of laws that Moses had taught him. But he’d learned something far more important: how to learn, to interpret, to create. A spirit of chochmah, koach-mah, “the power of What”. Far more important than answers to life, Torah teaches us to question life, and thus to truly live it. And I, after a year of playing with questions on this blog, am excited to return to the beginning and ask some more.




[Inspired by: Deuteronomy 34; Temurah 16aThe Burnt Book by Marc-Alain Ouaknin; and Un Maître et son élève by Giovanni Do.]





3 comments on “Vezot Habracha (Simchat Torah)

  1. Josh, your discipline of 120 words has really helped you hone and focus your thoughts. What a great skill to develop. I know it will serve you well in coming years. Mazel Tov on you first year of commenting


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