Re’eh 5776

We are blessed when we choose to be. This was the first commandment given to Abraham, “be a blessing” – choose to be blessed, and bless others. The choice is an act that has to be continually renewed. There are many times we choose not to be blessed: sometimes from apathy, other times through fear; sometimes, angry at the cruelty of people or of a chaotic world, we punish ourselves, choose to be cursed. Not all choices are reversible, but these are. We aren’t necessarily rewarded materially for being blessed or for blessing, although we could be – we bring to fruition the enormous potential around us, in us; show others their potential, work together to realise it, blessers and blessed together.




[Inspired by: Deuteronomy 11:26 and Genesis 12:2; P’nei David on Re’eh; Zohar Vayera I:97a; William Blake’s Tiriel 2:35-41, and accompanying illustrations.]





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