Shlach Lecha 5776

Twelve wanderers are charged with exploring the land of Israel; ten return terrified. “We saw giants there! We seemed like grasshoppers in our eyes, and in their eyes too!” We all know this process – personal insecurity is projected on Others, our “grasshopperness” creates enemy “giants”. Some try to fight the giants they create instead of letting themselves grow. Yet feeling small is not always negative. Sometimes, this same feeling leads to modesty and a sense of wonder, allowing us to see past the giants and to the stars. The first attitude is one of insecurity and fear, and prevents us from moving forward, while the second stems from humility and awe, and is a prerequisite of a healthy spiritual life.




[Inspired by: Numbers 13; Isaiah 40; Bamidbar Rabbah 16; Zohar 1:11b; and Gulliver Exhibited to the Brobdingnag Farmer by Richard Redgrave.]





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