Pekudei 5776

Some things cease existing when named. Think of silence. Think of an anonymous writer. Think of those who photograph landscapes on their smartphones. Think of the desire to understand infinite complexity. After a long process of building, “a cloud covered the sanctuary and the glory of God filled it, so that Moses was not able to enter”. Moses later enters an empty room, a room filled only with divine echoes and desires – yet has an encounter nonetheless. Spiritual encounters turn absence into presence. Religions try to create a language to describe this presence, a language beyond words, to speak of moments that cease to exist when spoken. The cloud of concealment is an intrinsic part of anything we call sacred.





[Inspired by: Exodus 40 ; Psalms 97:2Abraham, the Other by Jacques Derrida; Megilat Esther; and The Lovers by Rene Magritte.]





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