Terumah 5776

According to one legend, when Moses is commanded to build a holy sanctuary for God, he is shown a vision of a building made of red, green, black and white fire. “How can I build that?” he asks. “You have your signs and I have my glory,” God responds. Living a spiritual life is to be called upon to imitate the divine: but how can we imitate infinity? Only through signs and symbols. We can use traditional symbols of religious law and ritual or create our own, yet let everything strive to  be more than itself. Let all our actions, words and fleeting possessions be symbols struggling to touch holiness, for that struggle to transcend the symbol is holiness itself.




(Inspired by: Exodus 25; Midrash Rabeinu Behaye on Terumah; La Trahison des Images by René Magritte.)





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