Vayera 5776

Cast out in the desert, Hagar leaves her son and turns away so as not to see him die. An angel intervenes, bringing forth water. “For God has heard the voice of the child, as he is.” These last three words are edifying. The only sin against God is falsehood. False actions, false promises, false idols, false priorities, false prayers are all despised. Our voices are only heard – are only meaningful – when we are “as we are”. God hears the true cries of the mother and child, and answers two truths: hold his hand and open your eyes. When we are true to ourselves, we are able to create bonds with others, and see the world, too, “as it is.”




[Inspired by: Agar et Ismaël by Jean-François Millet (especially this rough version) ; Genesis 21; Rabbi Joel Levy; and Hamlet I:3]





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